Airsoft vs Real Life

Airsoft vs Real Life: .50 Cal rifles

The RRchives is an idea I had a while back about trying to salvage videos that never made it. These videos for one reason or another, had cameras malfunction, footage was lost or something happened that I didn’t feel like it should be put up as a complete video. Some of these shots are really cool though! So I figured I’d upload them and put them out into the world. Don’t judge too harshly… They’ve already been rejected or lost once already 🙂

The guys over at gave me this rifle on the grounds that I had to shoot it… A lot of you might cringe watching these videos but you have to understand the value of entertainment. Michael Bay blows up houses and cars for movies. A lot of brands donate stuff to be destroyed because the value of an item is often WAY less than they would have to pay if they wanted to advertise to the same amount of people who would watch his film… or my videos. So if it bothers you to see something “perfectly good* destroyed and makes you wonder “why not donate that to me?”… Just know that if something is donated to me, I get to make a video to put up. If I gave it away only one of you would get it, I wouldn’t have a video to make and eventually people would stop donating stuff to me.

Sorry for the lack there of videos the last month! I’m back on schedule. I’m trying to work out some new shows, gear, podcast and a bunch of other cool stuff for you guys. As of right now, I’m one dude taking all of this on so I appreciate you guys being patient and helping support me! The next few months will have a ton of cool videos coming real soon!


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