The YoYo Drill | Instructor Zero

The YoYo drill is named because shooters shoot up, then down, up, then down—like a yoyo. The skills improved in this drill are self-evident in that they incorporate multiple shooting positions – requiring the shooter to transition from to another.

The positioning of the firearm during transitions is important. It is beside your head (SKY1 Position) with the muzzle pointing upwards. This position is utilized in urban combat in environments where the potential for collateral damage ahead is high risk – as in a crowded area or in confined spaces. In this position we have a visual check on the gun while having our eyes looking forward. It allows for your weak hand to be free – important for clearing non-combatants during movement. In close protection the free hand can direct and protect the VIP. In case of a fall, the free hand is your buffer. This position is also conducive for FASTER movement (running) as it works with your physiological nature – running with both hands in front holding a pistol is unnatural.

This drill can be done alone or with a team. In a team setting it improves situational awareness and peripheral vision.
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